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Managed IT Services

Managed IT services allow us to take care of IT while you take care of business.


Investigating the viability, and feasibility for managed services in your environment is the first step of our process. Book a free consultation here

Firewalls govern the traffic on your network. A correctly configured and managed firewall will mitigate lateral movement within your network by adopting a service only network access, to contain compromises and vulnerabilities inside the affected sub network.


Our system will alert us to detected faults, crashes, and failures within your IT environment. Automatic ticketing to our helpdesk will ensure efficient handling as per our SLA performance standards. Automations save you money by improving the IT workflow and reducing your expenditure on tedious IT tasks. A good patch management service is key to building an effective and strong security posture.


We provide maximum protection to your endpoints with a centrally managed business grade solution. We deliver Antivirus, Antimalware, Browsing protection, and Endpoint Firewall in a single package. Scheduled scans are performed, and reports addressed by our team or yours. Alerts are automatically ticketed to our helpdesk for fast and efficient resolution.


Identity management helps secure your file sharing with unique identifiers that cannot be reproduced without direct access to the domain controller. Emails, video conferencing, and chat systems bring collaboration and efficiency to your workflow. Our technicians are experienced in multiple vendor systems to balance affordability and risk.


Backups are how businesses recover from both mild mistakes and disastrous events. Encrypted at rest, and in flight, with Department of Defence level encryption means you can rest assured that your backups cannot be restored by anyone but you, and our/your support team. Weekly or Monthly offline backups are key to reviving your business in the event of Zero-Day, and backup infrastructure intrusions.


We provide IT support services for a variety of business equipment and common applications. Our team is experienced and continuously updating their knowledge through the information provided by global IT vendors. We offer same day response and provide fast resolution to ease your IT troubles.

Let's Work Together

Contact us here for a consultation. We will survey your system, note your requirements, and recommend the beneficial services that will help strengthen your business.

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